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ID: Phot.Ill.207

MacLagan, Professor Sir Douglas. Group photograph with him at centre. Also portrait photograph H&S of him alone. - Further details
Syme, James, 1799-1870. FRS. Portrait photograph, ff., H&S. - Further details
Gregory, William. Portrait of (?) in group in position 2nd from right bottom left photograph. - Further details
Christison, Sir Robert, 1797 - 1882. Professor of Materia Medica in University of Edinburgh, 1832 - 1877. Portrait photograph of, 3/4 left profile. - Further details
Simpson, Sir James Young, 1811-1870. Portrait photograph, H&S, on top LH side of framed group of medical photographs. - Further details
Sharpey, William, 1802-1880. Lecturer in anatomy 1832-36. (?) Portrait in group photo, bottom L, sitting, 2nd from L. - Further details
Keith, Thomas, 1827-1895, apprenticed to James Young Simpson. In a photograph, with other doctors, bottom L. of a group of 7 photographs framed together, he is standing fourth from L. - Further details

This is not a comprehensive database of all our photographs. Please also use our main Archives & Manuscripts catalogue to identify items.

This database contains unverified data complied from various legacy typescript lists and indexes. It is being made available as an interim means of identifying key photographs and related items in our collections. Please accept that there will be some typographical and other errors present.