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ID: EUA CA2/E.80.93

Photograph of Professor D. Talbot Rice copy owned by his daughter Miss E. Talbot Rice. - Further details
Photograph of Princess Elizabeth at the Hostels, March 1949, with Miss Looker.1949 - Further details
Balfour Hostel students 19501950 - Further details
EUCU v. GUCU c19501950 - Further details
CU v. EMMS c19501950 - Further details
4 photographs. Edinburgh University Company (women's) CIRAC/TA. Vicky weekend on the Pentlands, 1951.1951 - Further details

This is not a comprehensive database of all our photographs. Please also use our main Archives & Manuscripts catalogue to identify items.

This database contains unverified data complied from various legacy typescript lists and indexes. It is being made available as an interim means of identifying key photographs and related items in our collections. Please accept that there will be some typographical and other errors present.