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The student records held by Edinburgh University Archives hold content of immense value for the amateur and professional researcher alike. While most enquiries relating to these records are of a genealogical or biographical nature, there remains significant potential for statistical analysis of the data they contain for historical, sociological and other research.

With generous funding from both General Council and the Friends of Edinburgh University Library, a scoping project has been undertaken and report submitted which will inform the next stages. While the entire report cannot be shared online, the results of the records survey can.

We are currently looking at what we might do next to move HARR to the next phase.

For further details, please contact the Deputy University Archivist

Johne Erle of Gowrye Signature of John Ruthven, 3rd Earl of Gowrie at the time of his graduation on 12 August 1593. His was the sixth class to graduate from the College, the first graduation having been in 1587